Monday, April 1, 2013

Latte Free - bass synthesizer

Latte is inspired by the old synthesizers from the past and is able to produce powerful synth sounds, fat basses, expressive leads, crazy sounds and more.
Despite the synth layout looks very simple the modulation options allows to shape the sound in a lot of different ways. One of the most interesting features is the possibility to use the polyphonic aftertouch as a modulation source to create the typical expressive sounds which has been a trademark for the well known synth gurus of the past.
The Saw/Pulse oscillator of Latte, characterized by a powerful and warm sound, has been created specially with the aim to recreate a realistic vintage sound.
2 Oscillators with custom Saw and Pulse waveforms and noise generator (White and Pink noise)
12dB Low Pass/High Pass state variable filter
2 LFOs with assignable destinations
Assignable envelope generator
Extensive options for external modulation with routable Channel or Poly Aftertouch
FX section with Chorus and Delay
16 voice polyphonic (4 with the free version)
Low CPU usage
If you like Latte Free please consider to purchase the full version !


Monday, March 4, 2013

Twin Bass - bass vst plugin

Twin Bass is a bass synthesizer.

VSTi Bass Synthesizer with a double filter architecture allowing to create rich mid-range bass textures together with a solid sub bass foundation. Also vocal-like timbres can be easily created. Features an extensive modulation matrix and individual outs for the filters.

2 Oscillators: Sine, Saw, Ramp, Triangle, Pulse, Noise
2 Filters operating in parallel (connection in series is also possible).
- Filter 1: 2 x Low pass, 2 x High pass, Bandpass
- Filter 2: stereo filter with separate cut-off for left and right side (2 x Low pass, 2 x High pass, Bandpass)
Feedback loop for the entire filter section
Distortion effect with two modes
- hard: metallic distortion sound
- soft: tube-like warm distortion
The distortion effect can be applied pre- or post-filter. Also it is possible to distort only the signal in filter 2, thus preserving a clean signal from filter 1. This setup is predestined to generate a sub bass with filter 1 whereas filter 2 can provide interesting midrange textures in stereo.

- 3 x LFO, synchronized to host application
- 3 x ADSR Envelope
- Matrix: 5 modulation slots connect 12 modulation sources to 26 modulation destinations. Pitch bend, amplifier envelope and filter envelope are pre-wired.
Process external signals: In Oscillator 2 an external signal can be selected as the waveform.
MIDI learn: Right-click any control to assign a midi control and automate the parameter from you DAW.
Monophonic modes with glide
Polyphonic modes with max. 8 simultaneous notes
Individual Outs are available for the two Filters. This feature helps to integrate the bass sound in your mix. For example apply additional effects like reverb to the mid range signal from filter 2 while keeping the sub bass form filter 1 clean.
Structure display: This panel shows the signal flow of the synth as it results from your settings of the filter and FX routings.
Pop-up hints: While the mouse hovers over a control a hint appears explaining the function of the control.


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Burt - bass virtual synth

Noisebud needed a bass synth that delivered more grit and dirt and didn't need hours of twiddling before getting there. They based the sound engine on waveshaping through distortion, bit crush and resonance.

since their VST fx chains on bass channels almost always contain that sort of plug-ins. The result is an angry old fart named Burt. He can get so angry that his audio buffers overflow and get silent - you have to restart your DAW to cool him down but don't worry, Burt will start to scream again.


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Genobazz 2 - monophonic bass synthesizer

From Tek'it Audio:
Genobazz 2 is a monophonic bass synthesizer plug-in, which is designed for all your bass need, from simple bass, drum kick and complex wobble to acid bass line.

It includes 14 Waveforms and 11 filters which gives you the possibility of creating a wide range of sounds. Each knob as a Multi Segment Envelope Generator (MSEG) which allows you to draws your envelope shape using your mouse and creates bass drum or wobbles sound easily.

Control the amount of velocity on 7 parameters to give more life to your playback. Assign all the parameters to your MIDI controller easily. Click on "Learn" on the parameter, move the control on your MIDI controller. Genobazz 2 has another 76 presets including the presets from Genobazz 1 improved and updated.

What's new in this version: Version 2.1 has fixed bug on cutoff frequency used with MSEG on some filters.


Pedals - vst effect for bass

From ToneBytes: Pedals - is a VST effect plug-in for Windows, designed for processing electric guitar and bass. It is also possible to process other audio sources for a variety of artistic techniques. For more convenience,
Pedals' GUI simulates real devices for sound processing: guitar pedals, amplifiers, speakers, etc. There are a total of 20 models of pedals, 2 amps, 7 speakers models, and 3 rack units. These devices are not a copy of the real-life models, each with their own sound, but their working principles are identical.
With just a few clicks you can select a combination of effects and create the desired sound. You can even create extra mood by choosing floor material under the pedals: house parquet, metal garage floor or studio carpet.
The built-in preset manager makes it easy to save the settings and quickly access them or share them with other Wowcoder users. In addition, VST automation and full MIDI Learning are supported. Pedals also has low requirements for PC performance (approximately 0.5% - 2% CPU Core2Duo)

What's new in this version:
Version 0.91:
New: preset manager now has ability to patch name editing
New: new effect pedal - Autopanner
Some minor bugfixes


Thursday, April 26, 2012

DSK BassZ - acoustic & synth bass vst

DSK BassZ - acoustic & synth bass vst instrument

- 24 bass sound (acoustic & synth)
- Master section (level, pan, fine)
- Amp. envelope
- Velocity response


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mainliner - analog bass vsti

Mainliner, designed specifically for big nasty dnb basslines.

Mainliner features: 3x3 oscillators, 3 LFOs, 3 EnvGen, 2 Filters, FM, HardSync, and 8-pole LPF.